The Ambassador's Posse

Rac Cossart - Star SoCal West State Ambassador:  did a stint in the Navy, in Vietnam; Retired from AT&T, Owned a Gym and did personal training, got his Class A and drove a truck Cross Country before retiring from Ryder.  Now he is the President of Chapter 500 and an Ambassador to STAR International.  He rides a MotoGuzzi California Touring.  His Current interests are bringing tech to the none Tech,and,  of course, riding his Motorcycle.

Rose Mary CossartStar SoCal West State Ambassador: has 2 sons and  8 Grandchildren, She retired from AT&T and got her Class A license and drove Cross Country as a team driver with Rac.  Then she worked for moving companies in the area, along with her own packing company.  After years with a vision problem, she drives an electric bike.  She is the back seat on the Guzzi and is the Secretary for the 500.  She teams with Rac as the  Southern California, West State Ambassador.
Her current interests are crafts, sewing, and  computer work and taking lots of pictures

Joe Quintana - Star 500 Sergeant at Arms and Newsletter Editor