How To Join

If you're looking for friendly people who love to ride then come check us out. You are invited to attend our Bike Nights, currently held at 7pm on the third Thursday of every month. Please check our Meetup site for exact bike night dates and locations.
You can also come to our monthly meeting, held just before our chapter rides, please see our Calendar for upcoming rides.

You are allowed to ride three times as a guest with our chapter. After you have ridden with us on three rides, have signed our *Ride Waiver Form, and have joined STAR International, you are then eligible to be voted into our chapter. Joining STAR International is a requirement to join our local chapter. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the FAQ page for STAR International.

If you wish to, we also have very active Facebook and pages for you to communicate with us and better understand what we do before attending one of our events.

* All new riders are required to sign the Ride Waiver Form before riding with the group.